Goodbye Sky Harbor by Jimmy Eat World

I have been a fan of Jimmy Eat World since high school. They’re an awesome band that have paved the way for many alternative, emo, and punk artists. One of my favorite albums of all time is their self-titled record (more commonly remembered as the Bleed American album), which contains a slew of hits including ‘The Middle’ and ‘Sweetness.’ Lucky for me, I have been able to see J.E.W. in concert twice, the most recent time being at the Fillmore in San Francisco. They performed the Bleed American album in its entirety, and I was truly in heaven. I don’t think I’ve ever worked up more of a sweat at a concert…

The thing is, the album only runs around 47 minutes for 11 songs. The crowd pretty much expected a lengthy encore, and we were NOT disappointed. Their opener in the encore was a song I had never heard, but I was completely blown away. Goodbye Sky Harbor is the closing number from their ‘Clarity’ album. It features some really nice instrumentation and great buildups throughout the song. I must say that I was most impressed by the looping section that begins at around the three minute mark (and dominates the majority of the song). Lead singer Jim Adkins really shows off his vocal abilities and blends multiple layers of sound to create something spectacular.

The album version might be a bit excessive and ambitious for some, so I will include the condensed live version from the Fillmore show below.

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One thought on “Goodbye Sky Harbor by Jimmy Eat World

  1. Ryan G says:

    Experienced this at the Riviera in Chicago last year, amazing!

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