Crooked Still

Like most people, I enjoy listening to various genres of music. Alternative, folk, indie, pop, rock, hip hop… If it’s pleasant to the ear and I consider the product to be completed with tact and care, I’ll almost always give it a chance. However, there are a few genres that I have trouble connecting with. Perhaps I simply haven’t given these areas of music enough attention to fully appreciate them. While some types of music continue to suffer from this lack of understanding (e.g. country and heavy metal), one in particular has crept its way into my heart through the vessel of an unbelievably talented group of musicians.

I suppose Crooked Still would most fittingly be labeled an alternative bluegrass band. Aoife O’Donovan provides the lead vocals, and I must say her voice is stunning. The band as a unit is one of the most technically proficient I have ever witnessed live. Each and every individual is ready to improvise a masterful solo on a moments notice, with the other members providing strong support. I think it’s so amazing that fiddler Brittany Haas, banjo player Gregory Liszt, or cellist Tristan Clarridge have the ability to take over a song and put the crowd into a frenzy.

Perhaps you are like me and aren’t sure if an alternative bluegrass band is for you? Put your doubts aside and look no further than Crooked Still!

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