The Damnwells

I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life. Without the support of my family, friends, and girlfriend, I would be lost. Like many, I can take these things for granted, which is understandable (but not acceptable). On this day of showing thanks and appreciation, I want to introduce an underrated band that deserves some recognition.

The Damnwells are an alternative/indie band that has been around for the better part of ten years. I had no clue of their existence before I watched ‘Chaos Theory’ with Ryan Reynolds, which featured a number of their songs from various albums. In the climax of the film, an orchestral version of ‘Electric Harmony’ (listen to the album version above) framed the scene so beautifully that I couldn’t help but shed a tear (or two–granted, I can be a softy). Realizing that so many of the brilliant songs from the movie came from this seemingly unknown artist, I needed to find out more.

Anchored by lead singer Alex Dezen, the Damnwells manage to create deeply emotional tracks with running guitars and gorgeous melodies. In terms of song-writing ability, Dezen matches up with the best in the business. Dezen’s voice is understated, with a deep, raspy quality that complements the band’s wonderfully arranged instrumentation. It’s a real shame that the Damnwells haven’t received the kind of public attention that they deserve, but I suppose that’s the nature of the music industry: talent does not always mean success.

If you have forty-five minutes to spare, I suggest you listen to an acoustic set with Alex Dezen (posted below).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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