Warrior by Mark Foster, A-Trak, and Kimbra

I’d like to preface this post by mentioning a few things: (1) I have been absent from WordPress for quite a long time–I’m going to make an effort to change that this summer (2) The inspiration for this track post came from watching and listening to the song live at the Greek Theater in Berkeley this past weekend.  The show was really impressive and all of the performers had something different to offer.  Kimbra turned out to be an exciting performer with a unique voice.  Mayer Hawthorne was a throwback with loads of charm and never failed to get the crowd involved.  Finally, Foster the People sounded amazing live, put on an entertaining show, and proved themselves to be at the forefront of the indie scene.

Warrior by Mark Foster (lead singer and frontman of Foster the People), Kimbra, and Canadian DJ A-Trak, is a catchy, electropop tune that wonderfully showcases each of these artists.  From start to finish, this song captivated my attention for a number of reasons.  The production on the beat is enticing and had me toe-tapping from the start with its quick computerized drum beat.  I love Kimbra’s voice for the verses, along with Foster’s contributions on the chorus.  Foster demonstrated the ability to construct songs with refreshingly memorable choruses in Foster the People’s debut album (‘Torches’) with songs like ‘Pumped Up Kicks,’ ‘Helena Beat,’ and ‘Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls).’  There isn’t really a single song on ‘Torches’ that fails to deliver a successful chorus.  Toward the end of ‘Warrior’ is a breakdown with a haunting melody from Kimbra, which wraps up the track nicely.  I look forward to seeing what each of these artists has to offer in the future, and have a strong hunch that Foster the People and Kimbra will continue to make names for themselves in the industry.

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