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My Fave 5 YouTube Artists

I’m going to make this post really simple.

YouTube is rich with undiscovered talent. In honor of this, here are five of my favorite YouTube artists:

5.┬áJuliana Vieira–This girl is a kick-ass guitar player!

4. K.i.D–The only rapper in my top 5. He’s young, but he’s definitely got some skillz (<–with a z). This particular track reminds me a lot of Kid Cudi (‘No One Believes Me’) and features another California artist, Samson.

3. Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis–Yes, this is two different artists, and they’ve both kind of blown up outside of YouTube. Definitely worth mentioning though.

2. Alex Goot–In high school I was all about discovering new music, and Goot was one of the musicians I found. What’s cool about Goot is that he plays nearly all of the instruments in his covers and originals. Pretty impressive.

1. Gabe Bondoc–When I discovered Gabe I went crazy for awhile. His voice and talent are unbelievable. Watch him shred apart a Disney song.

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